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here, your the character in your mind can fight for your kingdom. will you fight for good or evil? A hero or villain? you decide. come. the journey of your life awaits.
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PostSubject: Darxeus   Thu Jul 01, 2010 5:36 pm

Name: Darxeus, but sometimes called Dar

Age: 25

Gender: male

Race/Species: human

Kingdom: Amala

Appearance: when he is casual: has ear length brown hair that spikes up at the front and is blond at the tips of the spiked up hair. his eyes are a sparkling green, but at times glint red or blue. he is clean shaven and has a very small scar near his eye and chin. has an evened out tan. he wears dark colored jeans with a faded sword-in-stone design on the left pants-leg, a white T-Shirt with a faded dragon in battle on the front. he also wears a Beige zip up hoodie with a brown colored hood and sleeves. in a corner on the front of the hoodie, is the same dragon in battle, but darker and more defined. he has a strong muscular build, and occasionally wears aviators.

Alignment: He is Neutral, he cannot decide for whom to fight for. his heart says light, but his mind says dark.

Elemental Mastery: depends on gem input in Elemental Belt.

Personality: He is a man of few words, speaking only when angry or if needed. He is quick to anger if you push the right buttons. but normally, he is calm and collected. the only time he isnt calm is when he fights. and when he fights, he moves fast and crazily.He will fight only when there are demons or if provoked to. He cringes when ever someone mentions fights for money or about his past. he is one of those guys who doesnt like to sit still, has to be doing something, etc. but he is a big sleeper. sometimes for a day or two. when he is not fighting he wants to train.

1x Large Broad Sword- Back
1x Old Damascan Dagger- boot
1x Short bow- Back
1x Quiver filled w/50x poisonous arrows- Leg
2x Gem Hilt (Dusk & Dawn)- Hip
1x Gem Bag
1x Elemental Belt

Fighting Style:He fights only when provoked to. he will normally fight head on, but also like to take enemies out from distances with his bow. despite his size, he can move rather quickly.

Affinities: he is very good at ranged and good with a knife. he is strong and fast. can Deul Weild

Weaknesses: his magic skills are rather low, and his magic attack is very poor. he has low defence because of his speed, he moves to fast to try to think to block.

History: He had a tough time growing up in his neighborhood. His family was a poor one and he grew up on the wrong side of the fence. his parents could barely support themselves so when he turned 13, he needed to find a job but when he couldn't find anything, he fought for money. every night his parents believed he was working in a factory, getting cuts and bruises from the machines and labor, but they were from knifes and fist. he ended up being a good fighter, but one night his life changed. as he won the biggest match of his life, he was rewarded $10,000.00. He was overjoyed! As he ran home, he imagined how his parents would reward him. he rushed to the alley where he lived yelling that he won! he slowed down as he saw demons around his parents. they saw him and charged at him. being a good fighter he warded them off with a old dagger and his bare-hands. he rushed over to his parents and kneeled next to them. he put his hands on his father. he was cold. he felt his mothers neck. no pulse.
"" Darxeus kept repeating in disbelief. he put his hands on his father's chest and felt a sticky liquid and smelled something sickly sweet. tears in his eyes he got up and ran. he just kept running. strangers and friends asked where he was going but he would not answer. "I'll get back at them. Whoever they are. I will get rid of these matter the cost....
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