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here, your the character in your mind can fight for your kingdom. will you fight for good or evil? A hero or villain? you decide. come. the journey of your life awaits.
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 weapon Template

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PostSubject: weapon Template   Wed Jun 30, 2010 8:12 pm

Name: (What is the name of the weapon? What is it called?)

Type Of Weapon: (What type of weapon is it? A keyblade? A Sword? A gun? Etc.)

Elemental Alignment: (What element is the weapon effect most aligned to? If it has no effect, you can exclude this section.)

Ability/Function: (Does your weapon have a certain ability? What does you weapon do?)

Close/Long Range: (Is your weapon made for close combat or fighting from afar?)

Appearance: (Describe what your weapon looks like. *Picture Acceptable*)

History: (What is the history of the weapon? How did you obtain it? How has it helped you?)
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weapon Template
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