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here, your the character in your mind can fight for your kingdom. will you fight for good or evil? A hero or villain? you decide. come. the journey of your life awaits.
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PostSubject: Prenaza   Wed Jul 07, 2010 12:47 pm

Name: Prenaza

Age: Age Unknown. Some say as old as time itself. Appears to be 30

Gender: Male

Race/Species: Human

Kingdom: Kingdom of Darkness

Appearance: Is a Shape Shifter. When he is in his original form, He is Wearing his Armor of Darkness. His True face is not visible.

Alignment: Darker then the shadows.

Elemental Mastery: is a king. has all, except light.

Personality: No mercy, truly evil. would kick a puppy.

Weapons: Staff of Illusion

Fighting Style: Will send out grunts to do his work, but will otherwise use close to long range. different attacks b/c of Staff of Illusion

Affinities: Deceit, trickery, lying, sneaking, etc.

Weaknesses: The light is his only enemy, but all light is lost in the Dark Relm. the sun never rises there.

History: He was born of the Darkness. he had no father, no mother. he taught himself the ways of the night. They say he was the creator of Darkness. One of the Founders of the land. He formed the Dark Land, and all the dark creatures. that is why they obey his every command. he is the one who sent Demons into the world. He was the one that Dar had to Fight at the arena. when he lost the 10grand fight, he was so angry he sent demons after Dar's family. Even the lord of Death is scared of him.

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