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 Elemental Boost

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PostSubject: Elemental Boost   Thu Jul 01, 2010 6:45 pm

Name: Elemental boost.

Requirements: The 7 Element Gems, Dusk & Dawn, Elemental Belt.

Class: Offensive

Element: Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Electricity, Light, and Dark

Effect: Grants user great speed and strength for 3 post. allows him powerful control over elements. after use blast an assortment of different elements at the enemy, causing massive damage, temporary blindness (light), paralysis(electricity), feeling hot and cold at the same time (water & Fire), dizziness (wind), depression(Dark), and constant shaking (earth). After use, the inserted gems break, and he must find new ones. Elemental belt and Dusk&Dawn will not work for 10 post and until new gems are found. (10 post because he normally carries extras, but not of all types)

History: once while training, he was curious to see what would happen if he put one of every type of power gem in each slot. when he found it a voice told him not to, but why have extra slots if there not going to be used? he entered them all, and he felt a jolt of energy coarse through his body. he had a color changing halo all around his body. he could run extremely fast, could lift rocks with ease, and could control the elements like never before. after awhile, his glowing halo moved to just his hands, and a voice in his head said to point it at a mountain and release his energy. he did so and a blinding beam of white light shot out of his hands and put a huge dent into the mountain.
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Elemental Boost
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