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here, your the character in your mind can fight for your kingdom. will you fight for good or evil? A hero or villain? you decide. come. the journey of your life awaits.
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 Defender of the Night

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PostSubject: Defender of the Night   Thu Jul 01, 2010 6:43 pm

Name: Defender of the Night

Ability/Function: Can sense anything behind him up to 100 Feet. Power is halved in the sun. Poison tipped finger that halves enemies power. Lowers attacks received by 25%.

Protection: Can detect back attacks. Has several spikes.

Appearance: The Defender of the Night Armor is very bulky, yet light weight. it is dark purple/black in color and has many features. it has two medium sized spikes about 7in. on each soldier and the helmet as a mohawk of small spikes about 2in. down the center. the helmet is in cylinder in shape. he has 1 small slit thats 3cm. by 6in. for his eyes across the front and on the back of the helmet, he has one red, Egyptian like eye. he has a black tattered cape around his neck that hangs down to about his kneecaps and has a purple trimming. his gauntlets have 3 small spikes where the indents of his knuckles would be that are about an inch long. the tips of the gauntlets are clawed. on the chest of his armor is a design in black of a dragon in battle and on his left armor leg is a sword-in-stone design. his cape has a dragon curled around the base of a sword-in-stone

Pictures: basically this but more spiky

History: when his parents died, his heart led him to a secret cave. in this cave, a voice spoke to him. it told him it would help him defeat the heartless, and avenge his parents death. as he wondered farther into the cave, he found a helmet and 2 hilts. as he put on the helmet, an electric shock went through his body and he was wearing bulky armor. the voice returned and told him that he had a new magic ability. he could sumon up the armor he was now wearing when ever he thought of it, but only for a short while. now it helps him when he is in dire need of help. when some one is sneaking up behind him, he can sence the motion of them behind him.
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Defender of the Night
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